Cardiovascular Support from Allergy Research Group

Nattokinase and Lumbrokinase are potent enzymes that play a vital role in supporting healthy coagulation of blood within normal levels, healthy blood viscosity, and fostering overall heart and circulatory function2,4.*Allergy Research Group introduced Nattokinase NSK-SD® to the U.S. market over 40 years ago, setting the standard for excellence in cardiovascular support.

An isolated, purified, and encapsulated nattokinase – an enzyme derived from boiled soybeans using a selected, patented strain of Bacillus subtilis natto.

Product Benefits

• Supports healthy, endogenous fibrinolysis, and promotes thrombolytic activity2,4*
• Nattokinase (NSK-SD®) has the highest activity (20,000 fibrin units per gram) of nattokinase produced
• Enhanced fibrinolysis within four hours of ingestion, showing high bioavailability and rapid efficacy4,5*
• NSK-SD® has two Japanese and three U.S. patents
• Vegan—derived from non-GMO and non-irradiated soybeans
• Free of vitamin K2 to prevent adverse interactions with warfarin

A group of proteolytic enzymes derived from the Lumbricus rubellus earthworm.

Product Benefits

• Supports healthy coagulation of blood within normal levels and enhanced fibrinolytic activity, as well as healthy blood viscosity3*
• Potent fibrinolytic effect that promotes conversion of plasminogen3*
• DRcaps™ delayed release capsule ensure the contents reach intestines for proper absorption*

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Heart Health in Modern Healthcare

The Problem

The United States and the world grapple with significant healthcare challenges in supporting overall cardiovascular health.

The Science

The pathophysiology of a healthy circulatory system and heart is intricately linked to maintaining optimal blood flow and blood pressure, supporting healthy platelet aggregation, and supporting vascular integrity. All of these factors are impacted by  lifestyle factors, genetic predispositions, and an aging population.

The Solution

Enter enzymes like Nattokinase and Lumbrokinase, which have emerged as promising solutions in the pursuit of cardiovascular health. These enzymes exhibit fibrinolytic properties, aiding in the normal breakdown of fibrin—a protein involved in clot formation. By promoting a balanced coagulation system, both of these nutrients have the potential to support healthy circulation and cardiovascular function3,6.*

The Science of These Enzymes

Healthy circulation depends on proper blood clotting and appropriate formation of fibrin, a protein in the blood produced as a healthy response to inflammation. Maintaining a healthy fibrin response is important to supporting an overall healthy cardiovascular system.

ARG Nattokinase contains NSK-SD®, which supports the body’s production of plasmin to assist with maintaining normal levels of fibrin in the systement, which may support healthy circulation4.* Human studies have also linked Nattokinase to arterial health and flexiblity5.*

Lumbrokinase contains plasminogen activator (e-PA), a similar enzyme to our body’s own tissue plasminogen activator (t-PA). This allows for thrombolytic activity only in the presence of fibrin, which support health blood circulation6,7*

Why Choose Allergy Research Group

  • FIRST TO MARKET FORMULAS: Allergy Research Group was the first to Nattokinase NSK-SD® to the US market from Japan. It has since established standardization and quality levels for all Nattokinase.
  • TRUSTED BY DOCTORS AND PATIENTS: Physicians and healthcare practitioners around the world depend on Allergy Research Group for their patients’ nutritional support. Their doctor-formulated supplements are created using evidence-based research, with a focus on hypoallergenic ingredients.
  • QUALITY SOURCED INGREDIENTS: Allergy Research Group uses only the purest raw materials available and follow strict quality control procedures in every stage of production, including inspection of raw materials, manufacturing, packaging, and storing.
  • POTENCY AND PURITY:In addition to their in-house quality control department, they use certified independent analytical laboratories to test raw materials as well as finished products. All their products meet or exceed cGMP requirements established by the FDA.

*These statements have not been evaluated by the Food & Drug Administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease.

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