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Emerson Ecologics

Our bi-monthly publication featuring news and research articles written by industry experts.

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Element 2022

Gut-Brain Health

Issue #6 | The Latest Research

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Navigating Burnout

Issue #5 | Tools To Support Sleep, Stress, and Energy

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Overcoming Barriers to Treatment Adherence and Behavioral Change

Issue #4 | An Examination of the Evidence

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Sports Medicine

Issue #3 | The Sports Medicine Issue

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Cognitive Performance

Issue #2 | The Cognition Issue

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Issue #1 | Back to Basics

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Element 2021

Natural Support for Emotional Health

Issue #6 | Emotional Health

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A New Paradigm for Immune Support

Issue #5 | Immune Support

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A Fresh Look at Probiotics

Issue #4 | Cutting Through the Myths and Mysteries

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Targeting Free Radicals

Issue #3 | The Natural Power of Antioxidants

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Natural Solutions For Better Sleep

Issue #2 | Sleep Support

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Going Beyond Eat Less, Exercise More

Issue #1 | Detox & Weight Management

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Element 2020

Nurturing a Healthy Stress Response

Issue #6 | HPA Axis

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Breathe Deep

Issue #5 | Immune Health

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The Complexities of Hemp

Issue #4 | Clearing the Confusion

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The Food Allergy Issue

Issue #3 | Understanding Food

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The Healthy Aging Issue

Issue #2 | Mechanisms of Aging

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The Keto Craze

Issue #1 | Nutritional Ketosis

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Element 2019

Memory, Mood & Focus

Issue #6 | Cognitive Health

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3 Mechanisms of Immunomodulation

Issue #5 | Preparing Immunity

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Calming Intestinal Discomfort

Issue #4 | Microbiome Insights

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Movement for Life

Issue #3 | Integrative Therapies

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Essentials of Blood Sugar Balance

Issue #2 | Metabolic Health

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The Heart Health Issue

Issue #1 | Cardiovascular Health

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Element 2018

The Science of Stress

Issue #6 | Adrenal Health

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The Path to Health

Issue #5 | Thriving After Treatment

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Finding Balance

Issue #4 | Emotional Health

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The Detox Issue

Issue #3 | Whole Body Approach

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The Allergy Issue

Issue #2 | Addressing Allergies

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Omegas & Inflammatory Balance

Issue #1 | Biochemistry Deep Dive

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Element 2017

Multiple Sclerosis

Issue #6 | Factors & Symptoms

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A New Approach for Depression

Issue #5 | Phospholipids & Health

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Issue #4 | Know the Basics

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Love Your Skin

Issue #3 | Insights & Strategies

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Herbal Safety in Pregnancy

Issue #2 | Herbal Medicines

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7 Energy Sapping Culprits

Issue #1 | Ways to Prevent

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