Bottles of ION products including Gut Support for Pets, Gut Support and Sinus Support

The science behind ION*

The science behind ION* lies in strengthening the cellular integrity of your body’s barriers, including not just your gut, but your sinuses and skin as well. Keeping your cells connected keeps these barriers intact, which sets the stage (or “terrain” as they like to call it) for seamless interaction between you and your microbiome.

Normal gut lining

Normal gut lining

Gut lining supported with ION*

Gut lining supported with ION*

Gut lining with glyphosate added at 10 minutes

In peer-reviewed studies, ION* has been shown to support tight junctions*


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ION*’s Innovative Blend

ION* Gut Support is comprised of two simple but effective ingredients: humic extract and purified water.

ION*’s humic extract is sourced from ancient soil (roughly 60 million years old) and contains a blend of bacterial metabolites and less than 1% of a variety of trace minerals, which combines to create fulvate.

Unlike fulvic acid, fulvate has not been acidified and exists naturally. Oxygen atoms in fulvate molecules are partnered with metal ions forming metal bridges between molecules that allow electron transfer both within and across molecules, helping to facilitate the communication aspect of ION*, what is referred to as redox signaling.

This ability to enhance communication at the cellular level is just the beginning of what sets ION* apart from your average fulvic acid. ION* supports health in several major ways:


Donates electrons to free radicals and upregulates natural glutathione production in the body.*


Binds to essential nutrients and transports them into the cells that need them.


Chelates to waste found within cells and removes them, providing a gentle cellular detox.*


Transmits messages via redox signaling, cell to cell, and cell to bacteria.

Build Health from the Ground Up with ION*

Toxin Protection

Your body’s barriers know what to let in (nutrients) and what to ward off (toxins). But the barriers must be strong. ION* strengthens all your body’s barriers (skin to sinus to gut) at a cellular level by reinforcing tight junction integrity.

ION* is shown to lower:
• Zonulin levels by 12%
• Glyphosate levels by 23%

Immune Function

Research indicates that 70% or more of the body’s pathogenfighting white blood cells reside in the gut. By keeping your gut strong, ION* displaces pathogens before your immune system is exposed to their damaging effects.

ION* is shown to:
• Decrease inflammation and lower IL-6 (an inflammatory marker) by 17%

Collagen Production

The benefits of healthy collagen formation go far deeper than skin deep, helping with everything from muscle strength to joint pain to heart health. ION* has been scientifically shown to support lysine production – one of the fundamental precursors of collagen formation.

Clinical trials show that ION* increases:
• Lysine production by 114%
• Glutathione levels by 53%

Nutrient Absorption

Toxins and depleted soils have led to lower levels of nutrients in our food, and chemicals used in conventional agriculture can cause leaky gut, meaning the nutrients that are present are having a hard time reaching our cells. ION* not only reinforces the gut membrane even in the presence of toxins, but it also binds to nutrients and delivers them where they are needed most- the cell.

Microbiome Support

Your microbiome needs a healthy, hospitable environment to thrive. Think of your skin, gut, and sinuses as terrains – upon which the health of your microbiome depends. This is where we come in. By supporting the terrain (cellular integrity), ION* facilitates microbiome health at its literal foundation.

Bottles of ION products including Gut Support for Pets, Gut Support and Sinus Support

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