Clinically proven heart health support for your patients.

Mend™ Heart Health has been extensively studied in over 20 independent, human-randomized, double-blind, placebo-controlled trials. Heart Health is a 100% botanical extract from bilberries and black currants, known as Healthberry®.

Anthocyanins extracts like Healthberry® have been shown to address the key concerns such as healthy inflammation balance, oxidative stress, cholesterol levels, glucose metabolism, insulin levels, platelet aggregation, and endothelial function.*

Mend’s™ patented production process reduces the risk of seasonal fluctuations in the raw material, ensuring consistent and highly bioavailable levels of anthocyanins (minimum of 80 mg per capsule).

Supporting cardiovascular and endothelial health with Mend & Fullscript

Join host Dr. Jeff Gladd, MD, Chief Medical Officer at Fullscript, and Dr. Kim Biedermann, Ph.D., Chief Science Officer at Mend, and Dr. Dan Edwall, MD, an anthocyanin expert from Sweden, to learn more about the beneficial health properties and clinical applications of Heart Health, a 100% berry extract with over 20 independent, randomized, double-blind, placebo-controlled trials.

The Role of Anthocyanins in Heart Health

About the Brand

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