Metagenics SPM Active®

A next generation bioactive fish oil designed to help with minor pain, soreness and discomfort intensity in two weeks*

Get to know SPM Active®

Researched and developed by Metagenics with world class researchers, SPM Active supports the body’s natural capacity to address inflammatory processes and respond to physical challenges. Specialized pro-resolving mediators (SPMs) help promote resolution of physical stress after strenuous physical exertion.*

The first and only SPM supplement with published clinical research, SPM Active is designed to be absorbed in 15 minutes and is bioactive in 2 hours. Choose SPM Active for a clinically effective solution to joint soreness and discomfort.*

36% of clinical study participants reported decreased minor pain/soreness/discomfort from strenuous exercise after 2 weeks of supplementation with 1.5 g SPM Active daily. Callan N, et al. J Transl Med. 2020;18(1):401.