Every cell in the body relies on omega-3 fatty acids to function well and absorb other nutrients.*

High-quality omega-3 supplements from fish oil and algae oil are an essential first step towards supporting optimal health—no matter what else you take.*

Practitioner Favorites

Nordic Naturals’ best-selling fish oil formulas include high-potency omega-3 concentrates, products designed for daily maintenance, and more.*


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ProOmega 2000®

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ProOmega® Curcumin

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More than 80% of Americans Don’t Get Enough Omega-3s from Their Diet

Murphy RA, et al. BMJ Open. 2021.11: e043301.


Nordic Naturals’ specialized, EPA-dominant omega-3 formulas help support heart, mood, joint, and immune health.*

Postnatal Omega-3

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ProEPA™ Xtra

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These DHA-dominant omega-3 products deliver foundational support for brain, eye, pregnancy, and nervous system health.*

DHA Infant™

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Prenatal DHA

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ProDHA Eye®

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Better For You

Omega-3 fats are essential to the function of nearly all the body’s cells. They play a vital part in the health and function of:

Heart and brain* | Cognitive development* | Healthy mood* | Pregnancy* | Mobility and exercise recovery* | Skin health* | And so much more

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Zero Sugar Children’s DHA™ Gummy Chews

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The Nordic Mission

Produce the highest-quality omegas and further a global movement toward better wellness by providing healthcare practitioners and their patients with the ultimate collection of supplements essential to health.

Quality Matters

Nordic Naturals obsessively tests every product lot to ensure they meet or exceed the strictest purity standards for environmental toxins and contaminants. See for yourself.

‡ Based on ClearCut, Nielsen, & SPINs annual sales data last 12 months ending 03/20/2022.