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Diet is the most important indicator of your health and longevity. But if you've ever tried to figure out how well you're eating, you know how hard it is to understand what you're doing right, wrong, and how to do better.

  • Maintaining a food diary of all the foods you eat is frustrating and time-consuming
  • Typical food questionnaires are confusing and can take two hours to complete

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Welcome to Diet ID!

Diet ID is a digital tool that reinvents dietary assessment and management with an innovative, clinically tested visual approach to optimizing health—so you can save time, effort, and cost while generating a personalized route to wellness — in just minutes.

How it works

Using “this or that” style pictures, all you do is select the images that best represent your diet and within minutes the Diet ID software provides a clinical report for you and your practitioner with the style and quality of your diet, along with a more detailed assessment report identifying nutrient deficiencies that you may want to address. It’s easy, fun and fast!

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About Diet ID

Diet ID utilizes a proprietary Diet Quality Photo Navigation methodology developed by Dr. David Katz, MD and his colleagues–the same scientific experts in dietary assessment who developed and validated the current gold standard tools.

Diet ID & Emerson Ecologics have entered into a groundbreaking new partnership that will allow doctors to utilize the Diet ID assessment tool with patients to better assess their current dietary habits and establish a roadmap to reach an improved diet and nutrition status.

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