Why should you choose EQP?

Initially developed in 2009, EQP is designed to provide practitioners with reliable information about the quality standards of participating brands.

EQP makes it simple for practitioners to choose the highest quality brands and, in so doing, supports optimal patient outcomes.

The Process

Through extensive document assessments, and independent finished product testing, EQP helps ensure that everything is in place for EQP partner brands to produce the best products available for practitioners and their patients.

We also test select products on a quarterly basis, right off of our shelves, with independent, qualified laboratories to continually confirm the quality we have come to expect from these brands. Purity, potency, and identity testing may be conducted to provide additional assurances of safety and efficacy.

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How It Works
Partners undergo verification via application, document audit, analytical testing, and onsite facility inspection.
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EQP Standards
While every Emerson brand is reviewed for cGMP compliance, EQP partner standards go above and beyond on quality.
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Practitioner on quality

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