Soon you will see a new look for Vital Nutrients roll out across their diverse line of premium quality, clinically relevant, clean-label formulas. Vital Nutrient’s revitalized look represents a renewed promise to stay true to their roots: providing you with trusted, innovative formulas that work.*

Experience the Vital Difference

Vital Nutrients was founded 30 years ago by practitioners dedicated to producing the cleanest supplements available. As they revitalize, they double down on what has always made them Vital Nutrients — meticulously crafted clean supplements you can trust to work, and a commitment to reliably serving the healthcare practitioner community and their patients.*

Guiding principles

Clinically relevant formulas that work

Vital Nutrients keeps their finger on the pulse of emerging research and innovate clinically-relevant supplement solutions to help you better serve the needs of your patients. All products are meticulously crafted based on therapeutic dose and clinical research, and can be easily incorporated into integrative protocols.*

Unparalleled purity

Vital Nutrients operates its own allergen-free, NSF-Certified manufacturing facility located in Middletown, Connecticut where they have full control over the manufacturing process: from the sourcing of their raw materials, blending, and encapsulation through to bottling. They eliminate unnecessary excipients, allergens, and artificial ingredients. The few products they make that do contain allergens, such as soy and fish, are produced by trusted third parties who meet their strict quality, manufacturing, and testing standards.


Vital Nutrients is committed to delivering clean, safe supplements for your patients. Vital Nutrients surpasses the highest industry standards, from manufacturing excellence to quality control standards/certifications, and anchors its manufacturing in a rigorous quality assurance program that includes 3rd party independent laboratory testing of raw ingredients and finished products, so you can trust that what is in the bottle matches what is on the label.

Making information more accessible

Vital Nutrients distills the science behind their supplements down to key clinical pearls and insights, making it easier for you to confidently choose the right products to help your patients achieve optimal health.

Sustainable business practices

Vital Nutrients practices thoughtful ingredient sourcing, uses recycled shipping materials, and ships all orders carbon neutral to ensure their products do not harm our communities or the environment.

Corporate citizenship

Vital Nutrients does right by its employees, partners, communities, and our planet. From improving access to supplements to supporting worthy initiatives, they are committed to doing their part to make the world a better place.